The CPEX computer assisted pulmonary gas exchange system is used for clinical testing to differentiate and diagnose heart and lung disease, for assessing heart failure, and for other areas of cardiopulmonary diagnosis and management. The innovative features of this device make it ideal for a primary care setting, through a simplified technical protocol. The setup also allows for substantially increased patient acceptance compared to other devices in this market. The CPEX system includes FDA cleared software which produces computer interpretive reports for the physician. The CPEX system is currently being re-engineered to make it more cost effective for physicians, and to improve upon its already advanced feature set. Sale of the CPEX is subject to FDA clearance. 

Market Potential

In 2004, over $300 million was spent on Cardiovascular Stress Tests which were performed in the US, primarily by cardiologists. Our intention is to market our products to internists and primary care physicians as well as to cardiologist, which will provide the physician with additional revenue as well as provide faster diagnosis and convenience to the patient.

Cardiopulmonary stress testing is an enormously powerful tool for assessing heart and lung disease but is under utilized because of the difficulty and complexities in performing the tests and the interpretive skills required for diagnosis. Other barriers include manual calibration before each test, the number of separate testing maneuvers and the cost of equipment. We believe that the CPX platform we have acquired has overcome each of these problems with its emphasis on simplicity, its patented calibration system, and its interpretive software. The CPEX system is designed the give the physician tools to make efficient accurate diagnosis and is priced to give physicians a 2 year ROI based on median patient census and Medicare reimbursement rates. This is a win-win for all constituents.